Ubisoft: We'll Have "Nintendo-Like" Quality

Assassin's Creed will score over 90; multi-platform development is fine-tuned; and Ubisoft will achieve "Nintendo-like" quality on Wii next year. More from a recent investment meet-up...

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MK_Red4000d ago

Assassin's Creed FTW! Hope it gets 10/10s from all reviewers.
As for quality of Wii games, Raving Rabbids was pretty good but FarCry Vengence and Red Still were terrible (Specially FarCry...). Hope more 3rd party devs make great games for Wii (Like Zack & Wiki from Capcom).

socomnick4000d ago

dont you think games are getting way to high reviews.

PS360WII4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Ubi is bringing No More Heros to the Wii so hopefully that will pan out well. Red Steel 2 will eventually come (and hopefully NOT rushed) Rabbits game coming out and who knows what else. So Ubisoft could get Nintendo-Like quality I'm hopeing. Rather nice complement from them to N though.

I thought this was intresting: "CFO Alain Martinez added that DS games, with their relatively low development costs, achieve profitability at around 100,000 units sold, while a next-gen game for PS3 or Xbox 360 needs to sell around 1.3 million."

They need to sell ~1.3 million to make a profit for the PS3/360 games! Dang that's a heavy investment! I think almost all DS games get around 100k in a few months even if it sucks! I wonder how many games one needs to sell on the Wii to turn in a profit on average.

Skerj4000d ago

No More Heroes is now the sole reason I want a Wii. Nights 2 factored into that until I saw those weather screens.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4000d ago

Skerj you do realize those weather screens were just for a pet-raising mini-game? The real game looks nothing like that.

Skerj4000d ago

I know that, but they better clean that crap up because the Chao gardens from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 looked better than that. I'm HOPING Sega comes through on this one though.

THE_JUDGE4000d ago

Ubisoft makes me laugh. They are reaching with some of their port jobs and comparing themselves to Nintendo. Then again Nintendo hasn't really had to port games before.

Guardian0fPeace4000d ago

This game is lookin so freakin awesome!! Hail Ubisoft!!

Antan4000d ago

But i thought it cost nearly 3 times to make a PS3 game compared to 360?????????????????? end sarcasm.

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