Zero Punctuation video review of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee travels to Hyrule to save a princess, etc.

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MK_Red4090d ago

OMG, Superb one. The best Yahtzee review ever. Not only he reviewed the game, he pointed out the issues I have with Nintendo. Seriously, Nintendo has been making the same games for years and as Yahtzee says, If Valve would release Half Life 1 with different level design but same story and better graphics people would hate them but not Nintendo and they always get away with this.
Also love the part with map and Yahtzee's drawings.

Twizlex4090d ago

Yeah, and the fine print at the end where he says he sometimes names Link "I Say" because it makes everyone in the game talk like Foghorn Leghorn.

m91058264090d ago

I think he was alluding to Half Life: Source when he said that...

macsto4090d ago

He was SPOT on about that temple that you have to revisit 10 bloody times and go thru the same rooms over and over. GOD THAT WAS ANNOYING!!!

allforcalisto4090d ago

nice very nice.

love how he describes okami at the end hehe

very good points throughout.

God of Gaming4090d ago

Hilarious and spot on as usual. I really wish he could review a game per day!

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