Disturbing Kane & Lynch promo package filled with actual, grisly evidence against the game's career criminals

Any publication that covers entertainment tends to get a lot of weird promotional stuff in the mail, and GamesRadar is no exception. Today, though, GamesRadar received what might be the most elaborate promo for a game GamesRadar has ever seen, coming in the form of two plastic bags filled with ominously sealed evidence envelopes and a letter marked "URGENT PLEASE READ."

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Mikey_Gee5569d ago

Now that is what I call a SPECIAL EDITION version.

And for once ... I would actually buy a special edition if this was it.

Eclipticus5569d ago

im getting more and more excited. yeah i am getting AC and this on the same day. but really looking forward to this. I think I am gonna watch HEAT monday night to prepare.

shadowxcore5569d ago

if they made special editions like this..

would easily sell thousands...


stuntman_mike5569d ago

agree with above thats one special edition i'd buy (im a sucker for a spec edit lol)