Gamecock Endorses Stephen Colbert For President

Via Ripten:

"The boys and girls over at Gamecock have announced that they are endorsing Stephen Colbert for President. The Texas based Gamecocks refuse to accept the South Carolina Setback, and urge Colbert to begin his campaign in Texas.

In fact, they are willing to allow Colbert to use their Austin location as his campaign headquarters, and will be using their upcoming political party game "Hail to the Chimp" to help raise political awareness among gamers."

The site also has a link to a Gamecock virtual button for those looking to show their support for Stephen Colbert.

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PS360WII4090d ago

That's awesome. It's rather upsetting that the polictical world can't see that Colbert is trying to tune more people into the dry boring campain rather than make a mockery of it.

bym051d4090d ago

Best of luck to them since Colbert has been denied a place on the Democrat ballot in South Carolina.

Stupid no humor elections committee.

solar4090d ago

all he needs for a campaign song is "real american" like hulk hogan....hehe.

AngryTypingGuy4090d ago

I'm only replying so that I can type the word, "Gamecock".

jinn4090d ago

pokemon should endorse him

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