Will The Mass Effect 3 Characters Be As Cool As The Mass Effect 2 Crew?

Bright Hub "Curious about who lives, who dies and who you get to romance in the third Mass Effect game? Are you concerned that maybe the characters may not be as cool as the ones from Mass Effect 2? Well, find out how the new crew stacks up to the old crew in this brief comparison."

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Kran3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Well 70% of the crew for ME3 are just returning characters from both games ¬¬

I would have prefered new and fresh ones because it slightly feels like they've ran out of ideas for new characters. ME2 added new characters brilliantly as Garrus and Talo were the only companions that returned (to be fair, Garrus was the best companion of the lot)

KING_KAI3614d ago

there is a new character namely vager, he is an alliance extremist

Kran3614d ago

1 new character. Bioware will add around 2-3 more, making it 60% of the crew are returned characters.

TenSteps3614d ago

I still think adding more new party members is a heavy risk...

ElementX3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

I was disappointed with the new crew members in ME2

KING_KAI3614d ago

really? i thought they were really well thought out. jacob was just boring though. all of them had good back stories.

SageHonor3614d ago

Ehh, Jacob was cool.. he just didnt stand out. He was like the weakest biotic and didnt have unique powers other than incendiary ammo which was useful. But hey at least he's a leader? I chose him as the leader for my suicide mission.

3614d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.