Microsoft and Sony trying to expand their market. Will they succeed?

Under discussion are the current "casual gamers" trend in Sony and Microsoft's marketing plans. What does this mean for the industry going forward? Will either publisher tap into Nintendo's stranglehold on the console industry? All these questions and plenty more are answered:

IGN Games Editorial Manager, Jeremy Dunham sits down with video vixen, Jessica Chobot, PlayStation Editor Greg Miller, and News and Features Editor Daemon Hatfield.

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Bill Gates3996d ago

The ONLY thing M$ is expanding on is their GarbageBox360 BLOW UP RATIO......AHHAHAHHAhHAA

HarryEtTubMan3996d ago

Playstation has always had a good varierty of games... there are hardcore shooters... Platformers,best driving games, Sports, Action/adventure,puzzle,triva, everything.

drewlusk3996d ago

I own 3 360's because it is more than a gaming system to me. I have my HDTV hooked up to my PC and I can watch it through my 360 in Media Center. All my media is stored on my 5 TB PC and can be displayed on my HDTVs with the 360. I personally would not own a PS3. There is no value there to me. I don't have a use for a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. I think physical media will not be necessary in the near future as proven by the 360 video downloads. Gaming wise there is nothing that appeals to me in Sony's current lineup or even the upcoming games. None of the games makes me go "Wow I need to get a PS3".
I would be the first in line if there was value or something so incredible that I had to have it. Till then the 360 is the closest thing to entertainment perfection even with the red rings of death.

jackfatal3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

its ok u dont need to feel bad about this word we got familiar with these kinds!!

how the hell the ps3 have no value?? if u like shooter games then u got killzone2 and UT3 and HAZE,if u like RPG then u got FF13 and its sequels if u like racing then u got GT, if u like action/adventure u got for now heavenly sword and uncharted and metal gear solid 4 and if u like action then u will get god of war 3 sometime in the future if u like casual then u have singstar and littlebigplanet and eye of judgment and echocromo i dont know how to write this name but u will find it if u buy ps3, if u like platformer game then u got ratchet, and of course we can expect a game from teamICO and jak and dextor by next year! am i missing something?? of course i wont say that u must like all but at least if u r a gamer that love games then u will like a bunch of them that for sure! and u can never make decision before u play the games but of course if u r a x360 fanboy or u love only the features in x360 then i cant help u and no one can,probably time will help u!!

Seraphim3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

Only thing I have to say. Casual Gamers = No good for the industry. Why? Because casual gamers don't tend to support the industry much. Sure they might buy a couple games a year to go w/ their console, but thats about all. The more the industry tried to tailor itself to casual gamers the more money they will lose in the long run...

btw: if MS sells you so should Sony. Both have excellent consoles and reasonably strong exclusive lineups. As a gamer we can't be fanboys. Support both, play both, and enjoy what both have to offer...

goodganja3996d ago

Playstation expanding the market????? WTF??

PLAYSTATION IS THE MARKET. And it all started with PS1, Sony made it to where it's generally accepted to play videogames and the further increased that notion with the PS2.

Now the internet community will be going banannas because of the futuristic and battle tested PS3. Believe that. Ganja dont lie.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

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