Brink 67% off on Amazon

Today only, you can grab yourself a copy of Brink for $19.99 – 67% off the original price.

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Xof3611d ago

Yeah, these "shooter of the week" games sure do depreciate fast.

Chocoboh3611d ago

meh.. even at $20 I still wouldn't the market is too over saturated with shooters at the moment it isn't even funny and hell team fortress 2 is free right now

ThePhuq3611d ago

Bought it brand new day 1, was really let down. The campaign (If you could really call it that?) was terrible, and of course PSN was down so I couldn't touch online. Traded it in after two weeks.

fooxy3611d ago

Save yourself those $20 !

chak_3611d ago

even at 2€ this game sucks

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The story is too old to be commented.