UK PS3 sales drop

After three weeks of improved sales for the PS3, the status quo seems to have been restored once again.

PS3 sales last week plummeted back to where they were before the price cuts and the launch of the 40GB model.

Sales of the Xbox 360, in contrast have held pretty steady in the last few months, an average of around 11,000 sold a week.

The PS3 now nestled back into its former postion in the sub-10,000 group.

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sjappie3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

had already expected.

@ Eagle. What party? I just said that me and others expected that. Don't be such a crybaby.

P4KY B3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Nice to see some normality returning.

ruibing3999d ago

I'd rather wait for the monthly sales review before making my call.

eagle213999d ago

maybe this is most of ya'lls last year playing games. Sony has no Halo out and still you want dominance? They still outsold 360 in europe last week. Up Down Left Right, see what the next 5 years prove. So much fair weatherness on this site. PS3 still has the best games lined up regardless of your comments.

unlimited3999d ago

it dont matter..the ps3 is actually doing great over next year when more exclusive games come out..we will see more exploding sales

Evil0Angel3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

what about the number provided by NLS group (Nasim.Larry.Shmme)???

where the hell is he?

jackfatal3999d ago

if u like shooter games then u got killzone2 and UT3 and HAZE,if u like RPG then u got FF13 and its sequels if u like racing then u got GT, if u like action/adventure u got for now heavenly sword and uncharted and metal gear solid 4 and if u like action then u will get god of war 3 sometime in the future if u like casual then u have singstar and littlebigplanet and eye of judgment and echocromo i dont know how to write this name but u will find it if u buy ps3, if u like platformer game then u got ratchet, and of course we can expect a game from teamICO and jak and dextor by next year! am i missing something?? of course i wont say that u must like all but at least if u r a gamer that love games then u will like a bunch of them that for sure! and u can never make decision before u play the games but of course if u r a x360 fanboy or u love only the features in x360 then i cant help u and no one can,probably time will help u!!
this is the best period of x350! if they dont sell well now then they will never sell well again!
us for the ps3 things is just started with the price drop and ratchet!

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KineticX3999d ago

Sony's last desperate attempt to raise sales...FAILED.
Can't blame them for trying.

shmee3999d ago

in GERMANY x360doesnt exist...VGCHARTS has x360 around ps3 last week ....all ps3 skus are in top 100 vs 0 x360 skus
x360 is simply non existent in EU except UK

x360 is dead in both EU and JAPAN ..simply dead

MS tried hard and has died in those places. It is not long before x360 dies in NA too

PES PS3 outsold PES x360 10:1 all over EU despite having 2/3 of the base.

VGCHARTS numbers are what are being talked about now .

what a shame???

even in VGCHARTS sales ps3 went on to beat x360 last week in EU by 10k units ------ofcourse these are wrong figures . X360 doesnt exist outside UK in EU

Real gamer 4 life3999d ago

This is really upsetting for the playstation fan everywhere. Sony is winning the blueray battle put its not winning the console battle. Sony need metal gear solid now they need uncahrted now they need ff13 now they need god of war now they need grant turismo now and they need all their blockbuster games now. Because the media doesnt understand that the ps3 was released a year ago and it now picking releasing their good game.

lawman11083999d ago

Sony packed in a MOVIE with the 40gb when they should have packed in a GAME RFOM would have been a good start. They blinked and BLEW IT! PLAYWITHYOURS3LF

badkolo3999d ago

how is sony winning the blueray, you have no clue, more stand alones have been sold for hddvd, and this week alone 90,000 100 buck hddvd where sold, it will continue. more studios are going hddvd, its still very even.

TheExodus3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Wonder if Sony has that $299 DVD-based SKU ready yet, because they're not going to hold 3rd party support with two hundred dollar price cuts in less than 6 months that even together failed to lift sales.

titntin3999d ago

I think it would only be fair to keep an eye on the sales numbers over the coming weeks and see how they settle. The source of these figures has a history of getting it wrong and heavilly revising the figures within a few days, and I suspect you'll see a revision of these estimates shortly.

The article though certainly paints a gloomy picture, one that I personally don't 'buy into' as I am playing lots of great titles on both 360 AND PS3, and the releases for christmas are strong. I still believe its a bit early to be crowing about Sony's demise!:) Time will tell!

Hugh Hefner3999d ago

I don't think it means Sony's demise... but a well cemented third place.