Battlefield 3 Classes - Which One's For You?

MMGN writes: Just like previous Battlefield games, Battlefield 3’s multiplayer will come with four different classes (or kits for those of you playing at home). Dice often reminds gamers of how important it thinks the classes are to the Battlefield experience, and that mentality probably explains why they’ve remained relatively untouched from Bad Company 2.

MMGN takes a look at each of the classes in Battlefield 3. Which one is for you? Read on to find out!

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DERKADER2830d ago

It really depends on the situation. I switch classes regularly as the battlefield dictates.

Gaetano2830d ago

So do I. But I know that when I first played BC2 (my first BF game online. Shame, I know), I wasn't really sure how to approach the classes.

Sashamaz2830d ago

I agree, I'm not one to stick to a single class, I only ever do so when there is something I want to unlock for that class.

delpiero892830d ago

Medic for boost score, Recon for fun.

Bolts2830d ago

I'm a medic fan myself.

synchroscheme2830d ago

Whatever has smoke grenades. Such a useful tool.

Ser2830d ago

Support! I love me some light machine guns.

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The story is too old to be commented.