Save and Quit's SDCC: Fruit Ninja Kinect Preview

Save and Quit gets their hands on Fruit Ninja Kinect at SDCC.

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Bigpappy2825d ago

Impressive speed and accuracy, but this guy doesn't approach the game like he has used Kinect before.

EVILDEAD3602824d ago

Lol..looks like a game to play when your drunk. Never picked this up for the I-phone. hopefully it ends up being a cheap fun labs or XBLA game and I'll definately pick it up.


chrisgay2824d ago

This is a really good use of Kinect I think. Got hooked on this on a friend's iPhone a while back and this actually looks really solid in comparison to the iOS version. Certainly not enough to warrant a Kinect yet- but this is a step in the right direction.