ACL Calls For Ban on Violent Games After Norway Attacks

SegmentNext - "The Australian Christian Lobby managing director Jim Wallace played pessimist card and said that if even a few deranged minds could be "taken over the edge by an obsession with violent games" then the game should be banned. He continued and backed his opinion by being even more pessimistic".

"It was on the cards, isn't it ? After the terrorist 'Anders Behring Breivik' responsible for Norway Massacre, was linked with possession of Modern Warfare 2 and using it as a training simulator."

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Nitrowolf22829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Yeah totally saw this coming. It's complete BS if you ask me. This is just really bad for gaming, media is going to ignore real reasons and try to blame it ALL on video games.

Marcus Fenix2829d ago

it's not BS, it's teh gamez that makes us killers, how do u think WWII started?, hitler was playing RUSE then he got the idea of invading the world, heck, I just killed 3 ppl on my way home.

MAJ0R2829d ago


my faith in humanity

ASSASSYN 36o2828d ago

Luckily we were able to kill Hitler in Wolfenstien and stop his assualt on Europe, Africa, and eventually the world.

NanoSoldier2828d ago

always the same story. such idiots cast a damning light on us gamers. there are millions of gamers out there and mostly all never killed anyone.

Angrymorgan2828d ago

Yea he's right, then we should ban movies, contact sports, tv shows books etc etc, it's ridiculous, only thing in my opinion that causes all this hatred is RELIGEON. ban that!

BitbyDeath2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Seeing as Anders Behring Breivik was a christian and was hitting out against muslims then maybe all Religions should just teach to respect one anothers religions instead!?

Crazy idea i know.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2829d ago

I'll add another crazy idea. Instead of blaming MW2, let's blame ANDERS BEHRING BREIVIK for all the people that ANDERS BEHRING BREIVIK killed.

I know it's a crazy idea, but, last time I checked, we christians are big on personal accountability. ABB did this. Not mw2, not gta4, not mgs4, not halo, I could maybe see blaming Black Ops for an attack on Treyarch, but the SHOOTER bears ultimate resposibility for the death that he caused.

I feel like the case I presented should have a DUHHH! In it somewhere.


"If even a few deranged minds could be "taken over the edge by an obsession with violent games" then the game should be banned"

The fact is the guy also justified his acts with christian religious beliefs. Why aren't they considering a ban on the bible than?

Do you have any ideas of how many kids are being educated with it? And as he said himself, if it has potential to stir up violence on "obsessed deranged minds" it should be banned. Bibles are much more widespread and should be a bigger concern than games under this logic.

So why aren't Mr. Wallace pointing fingers at the Bible? The simple answer is: it's not a popular position with electorate and don't serve his opinions, so better find another scapegoat.

Not that I think they should actually ban the Bible over there. Although I'm not religious, I believe everyone should have the right to choose in what they want to believe. But more importantly, I don't think banning bible, games or what not would help.

Guys like ABB don't make this because of bad influence, he's not a kid with problems at school who grown out of control. What he did was well planned mass murder out of hate. Terrorism. There's no easy way (if even possible) to prevent this, censorship won't help, it may even incitate more hate.

I get what you said about blaming the guy instead of games or religion, but the article is about ways to prevent this kind of crime. Afterall, whatever they blame now, what is done is done.

In my opinion, what they need in Norway is stronger laws and consequences for those crimes, repression for hate groups and better control of chemicals and other stuff people could use to make weapons. Killing this SOAB is a good start too, but unlikelly for Norway.

Shadowstar2829d ago

I agree.

If even a few deranged minds could be taken over the edge by an obsession with violent religious ideals, the religion should be banned.

(Of course, I'm going to guess this guy would "agree," and say that this means Islam should be banned while Christianity gets off scott free for its terrorist scumbags.)

jagstatboy2828d ago

He's not a Christian, the liberal media rushed to paint him as one.

Shadowstar2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )


He wants a "monoculture Christian Europe."

He wants a united Church led by pope who is willing to fight for the security of his subjects.

Science and Christianity aren't entirely enemies, and its disingenuous to say that someone who believes in science can't also believe in a God. Someone who isn't Christian isn't going to want a Christian Europe.

And the "liberal" media myth again... Most of the media is right wing these days, thanks to Murdoch owning most of it.

Pozzle2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Does anyone take the ACL seriously in Australia? They've been arguing against violent video games for years, and often use shootings as "proof" that games should be banned.

This is the group who used Anzac Day (Australia's day of remembrance of its war veterans) as an excuse to call for the banning of gays and Muslims in Australia, because "the men who fight in wars aren't fighting for gays or Muslims"...even though there are many gay and Muslim war veterans in Australia. They didn't give a crap about respecting the soldiers who fought in our wars. They just wanted to use the soldiers as a way to further their arguments.

So yeah, nobody really takes these guys seriously. They use ANYTHING as an excuse to ban something.

2829d ago
KMCROC2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I Better stop watching CSI cause i may just become a great criminal. i may start to create simulation of robberies i may get away with.

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