Comic-Con 2011: Limitless Director Neil Burger Discusses Uncharted Movie

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment celebrated the release of Limitless on Blu-ray in San Diego at Comic-Con 2011 with the Limitless Café. The director of the hit movie, which stars Bradley Cooper, was on hand to discuss his latest project – the video game adaptation of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Neil Burger talks about the challenges of turning Sony’s hit PlayStation 3 game into a new movie franchise in the exclusive video interview below.

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BitbyDeath3618d ago

Great to hear that it will actually be based on the first game and not started somewhere in between.

LarVanian3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

To be honest I wouldn't really mind if they made an original stand alone story, provided that they do the characters correctly. I would love to see Drake go on a search for the tomb of Genghis Kahn or the city of Atlantis.

WhiteLightning3617d ago

Why does no one every mention

"Have you heard that the voice actors/motion cap actors for Uncharted want to play there parts in the movie, what are you thoughts on this"

Not one interviewer has said something like this, most of the time it's "Nathan Fillion is fans favorite" when it's BS because it's kind of spilt one half of fans want Fillion the other side want Nolan North and the rest of the voice actors.

Especialy that now at the comic con panal the voice actors said they really want to do it....even with Nolan pretending to ring Neil up lol. I mean the crowd went wild when someone asked the question :)

Focker4203617d ago

I just recently started watching Torchwood and I really think John Barrowman would make an awesome Drake. In the show hes got a persona very similar to Drake and at times he sounds eerily similar to him. Oh and I'd say he looks more like Drake than even Nathan Fillion.

Bolts3617d ago

He looks like the bad guy from Uncharted 1.

TronEOL3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Wow. Well I'm glad this guy is making it. Especially since Limitless was absolutely fantastic. Also, it's very reassuring that he actually understands the characters. Unlike that "Family Feud" idea from before.

I'm expecting good things from this movie.

AlienFodder3617d ago

It's so nice and reassuring to hear this guy saying that he's totally pumped up for this movie. Most of all though, he obviously knows the source material and that is what matters most. And after watching an inteview with Bradley Cooper yesterday, I think he could pull off Drake pretty well. All he needs to do is keep his hair short and maybe have it a darker colour.

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