Gamesradar: Catherine Review

GamesRadar writes: Maybe it was the point when Vincent Brooks, Catherine’s protagonist, grew ram horns from the back of his head. Or maybe it was when we had to ascend a series of seemingly unending blocks to escape a mutant infant that was spewing chainsaws from its mouth. The thing is, we don’t exactly remember when we decided Catherine was one hell of a wtf-mind-trip. We just know we dug it. Crucial changes have been made since the Japanese version, removing most of the gameplay annoyances.

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kamakaz3md3618d ago

who cares... i played the demo, was slightly amused by the humor, other then that, for the first 5 min. I felt like i was playing q- bert... thats my review, thanks...

Xenial3618d ago

Review read like a 9. Nevertheless, can't wait to pick my copy up tomorrow.