Move over Forza a new challenger has entered the ring!

Amazing footage from iracing 2.0 showing both the GT2 car and the LMP2 car in action on the famous Japanese Formula One venue.

Iracing 2.0 will be releasing in August 2011

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pumpactionpimp4709d ago

This looks like an incredible game. Im impressed with the fact that I've never even heard of it.

StanLee4708d ago

iRacing's been around forever and it's a hardcore PC racing sim.

pumpactionpimp4708d ago

Must... resist.... making... an account!

FishCake9T44708d ago

iRacing is only for the hardcore.

Fishy Fingers4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

Move over Forza... For a PC game? Dont think the 360 exclusive will be too worried. Game looks good all the same.

BiggCMan4708d ago

I think the author believes Forza is more of a sim than Gran Turismo is. Forza is an arcade game at best, still good though. iRacing is the most advanced of all, Gran Turismo is the only thing that comes close on consoles though.

JellyJelly4708d ago

Forza is just as much a sim as Gran Turismo. Get over yourself.

Bonobo123454708d ago


I agree they are both worthy sim's

I choose GT but value other opinions...

BiggCMan4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

It's really not. Try playing both extensively, and you will understand this. Forza is an easy game to pick up and play, that is geared more towards playing with friends, and going online etc.. Gran Turismo has a very steep learning curve, and takes a very long time to master, and is more about tweaking your cars in so many different ways to make them perform better. Forza focuses a lot on customization in car colors, and decals etc.. That stuff doesn't matter on the track. It has so many features that make it more of an arcade racer like the rewind thing, and a large amount of driving assists. Nothing matches Gran Turismo on consoles.

EDIT: I hope no one misunderstood me, I LOVE Forza, I think every game was a lot of fun. I never meant that it was bad in anyway, I just think that it shouldn't be compared to Gran Turismo, and ESPECIALLY iRacing. It should be compared to Need for Speed Shift, which is like an arcade/simulator hybrid, just like Forza. I love all types of racing games from Gran Turismo, all the way to the other end like Blur.

zootang4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )


Isn't simulation where you simulate real life? Then tell me this, why has the Nurburgring been widened in Forza??? Not what I would call simulation.

thelogicking4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

do you know that their are ASSISTANTS that CAN BE TURNED OFF?
colors customizations? do you know that forza allows deep customization too? did you try that? of course you didnt because you didnt play the damn game!

saying forza is arcade racing is laughable.

kerrak4708d ago

@thelogicking, from the way you talk it's easy to tell you haven't tried gt5.

Boody-Bandit4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

Nearly every PC racing game is designed around wheel use because nearly all PC sim racers use wheels to play their game.

The GT series is built around wheel use (900 degrees of rotation to be exact) because an extremely high percentage of GT fans use a wheel to play the GT series.

The Forza series is NOT built around wheel use (270 degrees of rotation to be exact) because only a single digit percent use a wheel to play the Forza series.

Most "sim" racing fans prefer a wheel to play their sim racing games. The Forza series plays fine on a wheel but doesnt control as good as most GT series games and iRacing is arguably the best sim racing series in gaming today.

Comparing Forza to iRacing is like comparing a first year martial artist to a grand master.

Inside_out4708d ago

Forza is like...well...car porn. :o


This isn't a game...it's an experience...


There are a lot a great car racers out there, there is only ONE Forza 4....SICK!!! \m/


garos824708d ago

@jelly. yeah its so sim like it even lets you rewind your crash so you can continue your everyday race without a hitch. come on get over yourself and give credit where credit is due.
forza is a great game dont get me wrong but its no where near sim like as GT5

steve30x4708d ago

@ Brutallyhonest : for your information there is a proper fanatec wheel being developed for Forza MotorSport 4.


Boody-Bandit4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

For your information there are already wheels that support the XBox 360 from Fanatec. The 911 S and GT2. And for "your information" I own both of them and I have also played and completed every Forza game made thus far.

A wheel being built for compatability with a console has NOTHING to do with the design of a racing game that will run on said console.

Turn 10 themselves have said in a recent interview with ISRacing, that wheel support was not and is not their focus while making Forza 4. Pad players and Kinect use was because the mass majority of 360 gamers DON'T play Forza on a wheel / they are pad players.

Oh and BTW. Both Fanatec made wheels, the GT2 and 911S, were extremely limited supply. Combined they probably did not make more than 50k units total.

The new Fanatec wheels wont be available until 2012, long after Foza 4 launches AND it only reinforces the point I made that single digit Forza gamers will be using a wheel. You do the math of how many wheels support the XBox 360 vs how many Forza titles have sold.

It's in the single digit percentage as I said.

You want to throw out links? I will do you one better. http://911wheel.de/
That is Thomas's blog. This is where the announcement will be made first as to when the preordering starts for their new CSR & CSR eLite (XBox supported wheels).

I check it daily because I am ordering one the minute the link is active. But don't mind me, I'm just being a fanboy for owning all the games I mentioned, all the consoles and I am eagerly awaiting Forza 4's arrival.

Damn I'm such a misinformed troll. /S

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Neko_Mega4708d ago

With a high power PC this would look better then Forza 4 by alot.

Other then that, don't care.

theonlylolking4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

This game on MAX does not look nearly as good as forza 4.(at least the iracing 1.0 version)

Dwalls11714708d ago

Cool..but no one really cates about fortza that game blows

BlmThug4708d ago

Yeah, Except For The 4.5 Million And Increasing Forza 3 Owners

xtremegamerage4708d ago

Seriously jellyjelly, Forza is in no-way a sim.

Not even close, handling is wrong, tracks are wider then they should be, rewind features. It's pure arcade.

GT is a sim.

Iracing is a true sim all the way.

thelogicking4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

honest question. did you play the game?

did you know that their are ASSISTANTS for new players that can be FU$%@ING TURNED OFF!?

Grip4708d ago

WoW so much idiot in here, they talk about thing they didn't try

JellyJelly4708d ago

You can't even fine-tune or upgrade the brakes in GT. The customization in Forza (letting you do engine swaps, drivetrain swaps and a ton of other things) leaves much to be wanted from GT.

It does have karting and rally races with invisible walls though. If that's what you fancy.

vishant1014708d ago

so a true sim has the worst car damage i have seen in a hd game?

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