IGN: Ferrari Challenge Preview and New Screens

If wishes really do come true, System 3 has been stroking its magic lamp for long time. "When I was 17-years-old," explains CEO Mark Cale, "I realised that, if I was ever going to own a Ferrari, I'd need to start a successful company, and so began System 3". It's only natural then, that the inspiration to set up the firm should become the star of Ferrari Challenge, the developer's most impressive looking game to date.

One of the first steps for the development team was to recruit Bruno Senna, nephew of the legendry Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, as an advisor on the game. While jaded gamers have every right to be cynical about celebrity endorsements, it genuinely seems that Senna's input here is substantial and essential to the feel of the end product. It's also a pleasant surprise to discover that, alongside huge enthusiasm for his new project, Senna is an avid gamer.

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AnalFace4090d ago

The thing i love about this is the physics... it out does forza and gran turismo when it comes to realism.

Double-Edged4090d ago

GT5 is better than this.
it's a given

Real gamer 4 life4090d ago

this game has gotten my attention.

Azurite4090d ago

Wonder if you can crash and split the Ferrari in two pieces.

Real gamer 4 life4090d ago

when does this game come out?

Frulond4090d ago

the screenshots showed a lot of pixels, like it had no anti-aliasing, and now it seems to me they just blurred out the pixels =X
I'll need to see more of this game before it hooks me

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