Exclusive: The First Images Of PS3 Firmware 2.00

You've been waiting for it. Firmware 2.00 is finally coming out this week: tomorrow, to be precise. This update, which has been a year in the making, was supposed to herald a new era of functionality for PS3.

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Skerj4002d ago

Hah not ingame XMB but those themes are damned cool, what's with the separate PSN icon from the other network icon though? Either there's something to that or they're moving the friends list and store to that and just leaving RSS, Browser, and Remote play in the other one.

Nagthragarthoth4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

This is a huge update. All of you whiners need to calm down. Patience is a virtue.

In response to the mighty douche.

shmee4002d ago

haters owned

BOTS am cry

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL4002d ago

Must be from the PS3 and it's owners being gay. Shmee....die

mighty_douche4002d ago

im gonna hammer the sh!t out of the threespeech pages so sony know just how pi55ed i am.

i urge the rest of you to join my crusade!

unlimited4002d ago

it will come when HOME release early next knows EVERYONE wants it..

mighty_douche4002d ago

i realise that mate, but sony promised something big with 2.00, changing themes isnt BIG.

a promise is a promise.... well thats what i thought.

big_tim4002d ago

They did offer big improvements and upgrades that are unique to PS3. They just aren't what you were looking for.

Kleptic4002d ago


I don't think Sony promised anything with was the interweBz rumor from last may...All Sony said was that in game messaging was coming, and that "it must be available in order for Home's lobbying to work correctly"...Home got delayed...I am assuming that resulted in the messing as well...

the blog and threespeach will burn to the ground today/tomorrow...No hope left for whoever is managing that place anyway...this is all people have been shouting about for about a year...and now we are left hanging still...its not necessarily Sony's fault, again they didn't promise it in 2.0 I don't think...but it is Sony's fault for not making in game messaging an absolute top priority...themes? great I guess...but anyone that plays online understands that is a feature we could wait a few more months for...the messaging isn't the other way around...

mighty_douche4002d ago

yeah i know dude, i just wanted it thats all, as soon as Uncharted has finished downloading ill forget all about the other stuff.

even the douche has to vent sometime. at least from tomorrow ill be able to do it on tekken online. hey, i guess tomorrow wont be so bad after all!

nurayi4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I'm with you mighty douche. this has been something that gamers have been clamoring for since the beginning. and it was shown as a feature that would be standard out of the box: (around 2:30 mark)

Its rediculous they just act like they are just figureing out there is massive demand for it (an option on the GAP survey....) I mean WTF ingame xmb should be IN THE WORKS, and the survey should have been between 3 features we'd never asked about. But with this survey it seems like they are trying to get by as long as possible without XMB access.

What bothers me is that with this announcement they arent even like, we are just about through with ingame XMB and should implement it shortly", or "we are working through the bugs and it should be out by christmas". But it seems to me like they are just sweeping it under the rug until they find a more opportune time to give us another feature that should have been there a year ago.

People can say all they want that you should listen to the game's sound and custom soundtracks detract from gameing immersion, but there are obvious times: designer half a$$ed the music list (motorstorm), online games, driving games, where many people would rather have some of their own tunes overlayed.

Plus I dont think anyone could argue that not being able to send and view messages in game is a good thing.

Kleptic4002d ago

I totally agree Douche...I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something as far as an official announcement in the past...

in either case...I figured 2.0 would definitely have it...mostly because I figured no one at SCE would want to deal with the hell that would follow a FW 2.0 update with no in game messaging...

its official now though...Not sure what they are thinking, or who they are trying to impress (its quit frustrating to think that they possibly just ignored what their owners want...and instead gave stuff that might look impressive on a sheet of paper) doubt the features in tomorrows update are pretty cool...its not what anyone wanted...

further problems invovle that retarded poll they just which people VOTED FOR IN GAME MUSIC!!!!! over messaging...which means...2010 most likely, I won't have to quit a game to read a message of someone telling me to join a game they is so annoying...

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lynx1halo4002d ago


mike3164002d ago

I'm still really looking forward to this update.

Premonition4002d ago

Pretty cool, I like that little news bar on the side, they should also make one where you see you have a message, because sometimes you might be into a good game and wont see the message box pop up, so it would be cool if they added a little sidebox telling you if you have any new messages.

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