1UP reviews Silent Hill: Origins

1UP reports:

"Considering Silent Hill 0rigins' troubled on-again/off-again development process, the final product has certainly turned out better than most Silent Hill fans expected. When initially revealed, this survival-horror prequel broke from series tradition with Resident Evil 4-inspired combat and a not-so-spooky aesthetic overhaul. Thankfully, Konami had the foresight to dump that L.A.-based development team and completely reset the project, handing it over to a different team across the pond at Climax UK. Their version of 0rigins plays it awfully safe, wisely mimicking the fan-favorite early Hill games with exacting precision."

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stuntman_mike3997d ago

game is lloking good for a psp game, ordered this along with assassins creed hopefully arriving in the next week or so.

wow what a month for gaming, best one in history of gaming i think!