The Physics in This Indie Game Are Amazing... Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers wrote: Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers is the first episode from Black Pants Game Studio that show off some of the most impressive physics in one of the most endearing games I've ever seen.

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Cajun Chicken2827d ago

LOVE the use of onomatopoeias.

The Great Melon2827d ago

I particularly like how they are presented in 3D. It really grabs your attention.

pr0digyZA2827d ago

Looks pretty good, downloading demo.

lzim2827d ago

reminds me of what I expected from Crackdown for world destructibility.

iamgoatman2827d ago

Played the demo a bit back, didn't like it very much. Controls were clunky, it didn't run very well and although the physic were good the puzzles were more down to shear luck than anything. Basically involved cutting pillars, hoping they don't fall on you or down a hole then awkwardly jump onto things to pass obstacles.

I don't doubt that the final version will probably be a lot more refined, this is just an indie game after all, but I just didn't get on the mechanics in the demo. Maybe I wasn't playing it properly, at times it felt like I was just exploiting the physics or glitching to finish a level.