A Message From Level 5 President, Akihiro Hino, To Overseas Fans

Siliconera: "A few months back, we reported that Level had opened an office in Santa Monica, and that they would be developing games targeted specifically for the American audience. However, Level 5 president, Akihiro Hino, says that they also plan to bring games over from Japan."

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Dart893620d ago

Please just no shooter's just give me Japanese RPgs and i'm good.

dangert123620d ago

White Knight Chronicles for global domination ! \o/ lol

Xof3620d ago

It would be silly for them to make shooters. They don't have the experience, or the no-how, and there's too much competition. Western shooters can barely make an impact over here because there's too much competition.

dangert123620d ago

There is room for competition the relate though is very different why. there's a reason why the same top games sell.

The reality is theres an influx in crap shooters that have been rushed out noobed down and CoD coated

Kur03620d ago

I just want Ni no Kuni.

banjadude3620d ago

Yes! They gotta bring the Nintendo DS and PS3 version both over!

Canary3620d ago

He's actually saying that they will be making games JUST for the United States, in addition to bringing over Japanese games.

Basically, it's more of this, "Western gamers hate Japanese games" bigotry, which more and more Japanese developers seem to have bought in to due to its perpetuation by... the Western gaming press.


Oh well. Here's hoping Akihiro's Gundam Age ends up being a success. There's a game-tie-in that might actually be really cool, particularly if (as the rumors go) it's a cross between True Odyssey (MS Saga) and climax U.C.

smilydude133620d ago

Eh... I'm not so certain about Gundam AGE. Hino isn't exactly known for good stories and I don't like the idea of the show aiming for an even younger demographic than usual. Everything I've seen of it seems worrisome to me unfortunately.

Whatever. I'll still watch it and if it ends up being terrible at the very least we have The Origin coming up which should be excellent.

Stealth2k3619d ago

only in that small branch. They still will be majority japanese

colonel1793620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Where the hell did the Japanese get the idea that we need western games from JAPANESE developers? They cry about why their games are not selling, but they are completely confused about what gamers really want. If only they had continued making relevant games and bring them over America, Japanese developers wouldn't be in this situation.

The first example I have is Final Fantasy XIII and SE Including the song from Leona Lewis. Then..well actually first, they tried to appeal western gamers by supporting the 360 too much, thinking that they will succeed in this market, and they somehow started thinking that we want western games from japanese developers, so they bought Eidos.

Nintendo of America refuses to bring the 3 most requested Japanese games to America, and then they ask why Japanese developers are so confused about the market and what gamers want.

Now Level 5 is doing the same thing. If western gamers wanted western games, we would get them from western developers. If what we want is JAPANESE RPGS we would buy them, but sadly, they aren't so many any more because of this wrong ideology that Japanese devs are believing in. It is really a shame.

Stealth2k3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

did you even read the article?

The US branch will be localizing japanese games.

They will be making small mobile games maybe 1 at a time in the smaller US development branch

This doesnt mean any of there japanese game development is going away

firefoxprime3619d ago

Ha. Please. Gamers in general are confused about what "they" really want. The most hardhitting money making genre in the US is FPS. Not even 3rdPS like Uncharted/Gears, but FPS.

When millions and billions of fools eat up that COD trash, Activision laughs in delight. What exactly are Jap-devs supposed to think? Used to be a leveled playing field last gen.

Lovable3620d ago

Where's Dark Cloud 3? People's been asking for this game for AGES now!

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