Joystiq- Kinect Star Wars Preview: Pod (racing) people

Joystiq: "The pod racing mode played surprisingly well. I've never really been a fan of pod racing in general (either in video game format or in the prequels -- don't get me started), but the Kinect interface turns out to be a pretty capable metaphor for controlling a pod's two throttles.

It's a little more complicated than that -- a Microsoft rep said that your body's lean also plays into the controls of the vehicle -- but especially on the "expert" of the two control settings, there was lot of precision in moving both hands forward and back, as if actually gripping the two levers.

In the end, most people will buy Kinect Star Wars for the lightsabers. As Derrick said in the panel, "we've all acted out being Jedi at some point," and that's the real draw here. But pod racing is a nice extra mode to play, and a few players might find it's one of their favorite things to do in the game."

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SactoGamer3617d ago

Pod racing. I already have this game (on the N64).

Bigpappy3617d ago

Good for you. Go play it!

On a serious note, this soumd really interesting as it make great use of the depth sensing capabilities of Kinect. I really hope I like this game and that there is enough of it that would justify my $50. Still waiting on COE to drop that price. Too much for a short experience.

metsgaming3617d ago

they should make a new dedicated pod racing game with normal controls. The thing is lucas arts hasnt backed a good star wars games in a long time. The force unleashed games were a joke, this game is even more of a joke, then there is the kiddie lego games an oh come on ! Make Battlefront 3 already and a new pod racing game get to it !

Raven_Nomad3617d ago

This and the space levels were the ones I was most interested in. Glad it's looking so good.

Tron_Rocks3617d ago

yes there was a pathetic N64 version, a MUCH better Dreamcast and PC version. I am looking forward to pod racing with updated visuals. I do hope the controls are spot on.