God of War Master Collection 'currently' only for Germany

Joystiq: "When asked about the listing, Sony informed Joystiq that the Master Collection is "currently only slated for the German market." It seems a bit unlikely that such a collection would be exclusive to a single region, so we wouldn't be surprised to see it announced for other regions as well. Of course, we'll take all the dream crushing we can get, even if it is only temporary."

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waltyftm3613d ago

Mein got,this is an outrage !!

darthv723613d ago

A deluxe collectors edition with gow1/2/3 and the psp versions remastered for console play. That would be worth the $$$ any day.

Kain813613d ago

Mein Gott,this is an outrage !!
Fixed for ya^^

waltyftm3613d ago

Thx, my grandad would have been proud.

Blacktric3613d ago

Oh awesome. Releasing a violent game's compilation only in Germany where censorship is considered a part of life. And they expect the game to sell there?

clevernickname3613d ago

Violence is censored, not sex. Completely the opposite of the United States.

I_find_it_funny3613d ago

I have trillogy edition already, so I'll just get psp games but from US cos European cover sucks monkey balls

arjman3613d ago

WTF they send it to the one place where the blood will be turned green

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