NGB: Alienware M18x Review

Even before you unleash the Alienware M18x from its packaging, you get an extremely good idea of its size. It’s a beast, there’s no other way to put it. That doesn’t mean it’s hideous though, far from it in fact. The Alienware brand is synonymous with easy on the eye high-end gaming laptops, and the M18x only further strengthens that particular notion.

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limewax4208d ago

No offence but 10/10 for a laptop that costs that much is way overkill. For that money anyone could setup a stupidly high end rig. I get that its a killer laptop. But being Alienware it shall never deserve a 10 purely for its pricing.

Not to mention its bulky as hell compared to most laptops which should hurt it in the points department

ChrisW4207d ago

You can build a better desktop for the same price.

brandonb214208d ago

why did you get the 460m 6990m with crossfire enabled gives you a 40% increase over the 460m

Tewi-Inaba4207d ago

i7 on a gaming laptop
that alone is 0/10 for me

arjman4207d ago

What would you prefer? A core 2 duo?

Pufferfash4207d ago

He probably prefers an i5 to cut price for similar gaming performance.

ChrisW4207d ago

He'd probably perfer something like AMD

Tewi-Inaba4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

You're all idiots, i7 isn't worth anything on GAMING desktop alone for gaming let alone GAMING LAPTOPS
I can see i7 being reasonable for other task that would require CPU usage, for pure gaming however (GAMING laptop) i5 2500k is THE best no ands/ifs/buts

if you're too stupid to understand this I'll make it simple

Alienware is making you pay for crap you don't need

arjman4207d ago

Alienware isn't making us pay for anything, any person with half a brain cell can see that they're a blatant rip off so don't act like you're some superior intellectual just because you're stating the obvious...

Someone might want an i7 purely for benching purposes, did you consider that? Maybe in a CPU dependant game? *Cough* Most MMO's and console ports *Cough*

If you're too stupid to understand this I'll make it simple, people have the right to buy whatever they want because it's their money. They don't want to sit there being lectured/insulted by you...

KingZFlipper4207d ago

I think that Alienware computers are all great except for one thing: the price.

mcgrottys4207d ago

well the m11x is actually a great deal. But other than that you can probably find laptops similar to this one for a lower price.

fluffydelusions4207d ago

They certainly exceed at pricing

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The story is too old to be commented.