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GameZone's David Sanchez reviews Outland, the downloadable puzzle-platformer in the same style as Limbo, and tells what works and what doesn't.

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NukaCola3617d ago

Great game, visually beautiful, but boy ol' boy are the bosses some sons of bitches. Challenging as ever.

Solidus187-SCMilk3617d ago

I will probably be getting this game in a while. Im playing bastion now and love it but Ive been thinking about getting this game for a while now too.

Ill pay 10-15 for original DL titles all dave vs $5 garbage. Would be cool if it went on sale soon.

TheSanchezDavid3617d ago

Definitely a beautiful game. It was incredibly rewarding playing this from start to finish. That said, the bosses are a bitch!

TomFG3617d ago

Great review, will look into it on your recommendation.

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