New details on Resident Evil: Revelations surface

This years Comic-con has seen Capcom reveal a plethora of information, from Marvel vs Capcom to Resident Evil. Capcom have revealed a host of new details about Resident Evil Revelations, giving some insight into the new and old features that players will experience.

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TomInc3610d ago

Underwater combat just reminds me of the old school tomb raider.. I hated firing those harpoons!

redDevil873610d ago

I remember fighting those sharks in Tomb Raider 2... so annoying -_-

HallCat3610d ago

YES! Resi and Zombies, good stuff. This game looks much more interesting than RE: The Mercenaries, looking forward to it.

Dan_Vivian3610d ago

Well, good news for you then. Keep your eyes peeled for our Preview of it coming later in the week!

Wolf8733610d ago

Bring back Leon...enough of Chris already!

CrescentFang3610d ago

Enough of Chris and Leon! No one wants to play as Jill, Claire or any of the other girls? :) lol jk

Ok, what was really cool, if they went old school and let you pick who you wanted to play as... knowing Capcom they'll just make that dlc or include it in a new version...

Wolf8733609d ago

O you good point actually, I do want to play as Jill and Claire again...not as DLC but as characters within the story, not just skin.

jacksheen00003610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Now thats how resident evil should have been done in the first place. Dark/alone/demonic zombies lurking at you. way to go Capcom!!!