Op-Ed: Will Naughty Dog Kill Nathan Drake?

After an interview with PlayStation, GamerFitNation's Blackbible realized something very disturbing: "Now before you all rush to say ” Naughty Dog wouldn’t Dare” Think about this. It seems that nowadays heros are not safe within the realm of their own story. Have you not noticed that developers have been killing off their own main characters as of late? Is this an attempt to free themselves from being locked down to a character, or franchise? Or are they afraid that they may not be able to produce a story with the character, that will keep your interest? Take a ride with me down the painful road of fallen heros and maybe you will agree that this could be Nathan Drake’s last Uncharted adventure."

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firemassacre3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

WTF (nice headline/s)

Criminal3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

(Spoiler Alert) should be in the first part of the title so it can actually "alert".

Edit: Thanks for fixing the title.

@Pozzle you're right, but at least now people have a fighting chance.

Pozzle3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Even though the "spoiler alert" is at the beginning of the title, my brain still read the rest of it before I could stop myself.

I'm glad this is just an opinion piece, and not actual news because that's would be a douche move to put such a big spoiler in an article's title. >_>

Perjoss3615d ago

i highly doubt that this is true. Epic fail on the headline though, who approves this crap. I had Heavy Rin spoiled for me by some idiot in a comments section (no spoiler warning, in fact he was deliberately trying to spoil people's fun) once, so i really hate this behaviour.

MaxXAttaxX3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )


There are spoilers for other games in the article! DO NOT CLICK unless you've already played through the games tagged.

phinch3615d ago

The picture of drake saying "deceased" did it for me,didnt have to read the title

Electroshocked3615d ago

It's not certain whether good Cole McGrath is actually dead or not...

BulletToothtony3614d ago

as a "gaming" articles like these should NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER be allowed, no matter for what game..

this is complete bullshit, n4g mods please do something about these type of articles and teach them that they can't come up with shit like this in order to get hits.

(Spoiler) Nathan Dies is a fucking insult to us gamers whether is true or not.

Fuck you gamerfination dumb fucks

rjdofu3614d ago

WARNING: to all people who gonna read past this comment. There will be a major spoiler about the ending for Infamous and GOW series on the later comments (some without spoiler tag). So be careful what you're gonna read.

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Tony-Red-Grave3615d ago

i know right WTF spoiler alert the headline is the fukin spoiler. whats the point of reading

saladthieves3615d ago


WAY TO GO on alerting people about a spoiler!!

That's like saying: "Bad f!cking language alert: This sentence has some shit fuck words!"

mantisimo3615d ago

@ egidem that did make me laugh. Have a bubb.

saladthieves3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Edit: Ah, I see he stealth edited the title. The picture is still a dead giveaway! People will see the picture and the words DECEASED on it and some (probably most) will go bananas and click on the link :)

Also, WAY TO GO AGAIN on not avoiding spoilers, on the article insides themselves!

AGAIN, the title inside remains "(Spoiler Alert) The Death of Uncharted’s Nathan Drake". Even if people skim through the article scrolling looking at pictures first (we always do) There are spoilers in there too.

Some people like had actually not played infamous 2 and could be worried after reading this.

It also reminds me the time I was reading a Battlestar Galatica article. Stupid dumb author put the "Final 5" pictures right in my face the moment I clicked the link , out of nowhere without even a spoiler warning. I was just a season and a half in the show, starting to think of what the final 5 looked like. :( It's a shame humans don't have a built in Ctrl + Z function so that we could undo such crappy unforeseen moments.

Treezy5043615d ago


Yet all the characters have questionable deaths

1. Nathan Hale - Can't say haven't played R1 or R2, but friends say they think he may be alive

2. Kratos - Bloodstains showing Kratos either crawled away or was dragged away.

3. Cole - Evil Cole is not dead and Good Cole appears dead until lighting strikes the boat and shows a question mark briefly.

4. Drake - Resurrected by Witch Doctor :P

I doubt ND would kill off Drake, but if they did it would probably be a questionable death and leave clues of his possible survival. I don't see them following this trend, they may kill off Sully or Elena for emotional value though.

Electroshocked3615d ago

I've had enough of them killing off protagonists this gen. it broke my heart when I saw John Marston die, it also broke my heart when I saw Cole McGrath die.

thespaz3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Nathan Drake died many times in Uncharted 2 and I'm sure Uncharted 3 won't be any different. Some parts are just too hard! (edit: that's what she said!)

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Fishy Fingers3615d ago

I dont think Drake will be going anywhere for a while yet.

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Hitman07693615d ago

I am not really sad if Drake is gone forever. I think that as amazing of a game as Uncharted is, some franchises get long in the tooth quicker than we realize and I want to see if Naughty Dog can re-invent the wheel with a New IP and give Uncharted a little vacation after part 3. Who's with me ? Agree/Disagree? Why?

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Pozzle3615d ago

Why should Naughty Dog keep trying to reinvent the wheel? If they have an amazing series that are selling well, why ditch it to make a new IP? That doesn't make sense. From a business perspective or from a fan's perspective.


(Spoiler Alert) I hear you @Pozzle but look at the past guys They had a good track. 2 of which didn't make it

Nate-Dog3615d ago

Just a word of warning to anyone who hasn't read it yet, contains a LOT of spoilers for some other games for those of you that haven't finished or played some of them yet, might want to take a raincheck on it.

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