First Impressions on DualShock 3 & Current List of Compatible Titles

The lack of vibration in the PlayStation 3's Sixaxis joypad has been one of the biggest thorns in the console's not inconsiderable side. Shorn of that often under-valued function, it left an awful lot of gaming experiences feeling strangely empty, particularly shooters and racing games.

Admittedly this little DualShock 3 discussion is more of a first impressions than a review as such (not that a review of a tweak to a joypad is exactly necessary), but at this stage you will be reasonably happy with the revision (apart from the non-support of PS2 games - that's just daft). Some have commented that the vibration is 'weak', but it's safe to assume that this is down to the developer. Unwisely leaving the pad on the side during MotorStorm, the vibration was enough to send the controller flying onto the floor, so watch out for that. The most irritating aspect of all this is the time you'll all have to wait, and the necessity to upgrade. If Sony can bring the release date forward, you'd all be a lot happier.

In the meantime, cast your eyes of this current list of compatible titles - if you're willing to part with the extra cash for a Japanese DualShock 3, you'll shortly be able to enjoy Assassin's Creed, Kane & Lynch and Haze, among others...

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okcomputer4000d ago

Hope they move up the us release date for this. They also need to tighten up the analog sticks for better fps control. I'd enjoy that more than rumble.

lawman11084000d ago

I laugh at how the same people who said the PS3 did not need rumble are now the ones who can not wait for it. PS3 sales drop in Europe,rise in Japan HD dvd sells 90,000 in one weekend to match number of stand alone BR dvd players the new update is garbage. Does this nightmare ever end for Sony and it's fan boys? Ohhhhhhh Shmee....the Horror,the horror!

athlon7704000d ago

Is it too hard for you to understand that when Sony first removed the rumble feature a lot of said it wasn't needed, but now that they are putting it back in, we realize that it is a feature that is nice to have?

If your going to throw stones, how about Microsofts decision not to include a hard drive with every 360 and you guys said, it wasn't necessary. Now you have people screaming that the 20gig is too small and the 120 is too expensive.

Syko4000d ago

It will be interesting to watch the prices on the import side of things. Clearly they can't or aren't producing that many controllers with the staggered release schedule. I really hope that when they release it in NA that they will include the Dualshock 3 with the console. I know they have said they wont do this, but it is the same thing as saying the price isn't going to drop because it makes people wait to buy the console.

lynx1halo4000d ago

Ive never really minded the fact that rumble was missing for the it just me or anyone else out there kind of saw it as a novelty?...sort of like oh...thats rumbles...

okcomputer4000d ago

Depends on the game really. Sometimes its great (madden, god of war, gears, pretty much any fps) and sometimes it just feels thrown in and stupid. I feel the same way about sixaxis motion control. I'd rather have the option and be able to turn it off though than not have it at all.

iNcRiMiNaTi4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

im supposed to be gettin a ps3 for christmas but if its not too far off, ill just tell my mom to wait a little while till it gets boxed in with the console...i know MGS4 is supposed to have it so i really want it

mazirjones4000d ago

yeah i also heard that the controller vibrates on different sides, depending on what snake is doing, where bombs are going off, etc

Syko4000d ago

The new DualShock 3 is planned to ship in Japan this November, US and Europe in Spring 2008. No price is available today, but the new controller will be on hand, playable in echochrome, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted, Devil May Cry 4, Toy Home, Metal Gear Online and more. In total, ten titles currently support the DualShock 3.


iNcRiMiNaTi4000d ago

@mazirjones - really thats pretty cool...bomb detection from vibration instead of a radar.. and a lil OT isnt it nasir jones? or is that really ur name?

@Syko 360 - hmm maybe ill get my mom to wait, spring isnt too far off..i should have enough 360 games keeping me busy till i get it..cant wait to try out warhawk tho..

mazirjones4000d ago

yeah i just mixed my name with his

iNcRiMiNaTi4000d ago

oh ok...cuz i saw the illmatic cover and i thought u made a typo

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Fighter4000d ago

Resident Evil 5. In my dreams.

I hope thy don't forget about us 60 GB owners who want rumble for PS2 games.

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