Metro: Last Light Gameplay E3 Demo Part II Trailer to be released on Thursday 28th

DSOGaming writes: "THQ has just informed us that the second part of their gameplay demo that was showcased at this year's E3 will be released later this week - or to be more precise, on Thursday 28th."

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Storm232829d ago

Sweet...because part 1 was awesome. Can't wait to see it. The atmosphere looked really nice.

Orpheus2829d ago

4A should teach crytek and others how to make multiplat games wthout disappointing pc gamers

Active Reload2829d ago

All gamers should have this game on their radar.

Rivitur2829d ago

Pretty late the Metro guys announced this on twitter a couple weeks ago...

MasterD9192828d ago

I really like that this game looks to be an all around improvement from the first.

Impressive indeed. Similar stance on Prey 2 as well.