Cyber Athletes - More Than Just Gamers

GP blogger Gregoric399 writes, "Since getting into Starcraft 2 and attempting to get out of the Bronze league I discovered the world of Cyber Athleticism and E-Sports as I hear it's one of the best ways to learn the game. Whilst being one of 80,000 nerds watching the Dreamhack tournament live on filled me with bolstered solidarity with my nerd brethren it got me thinking about what it must be like to be a Pro Gamer - especially in the most competitive E-Sports such as Starcraft, Counter Strike or Quake. I’m sure no matter who you are the notion of being paid for doing what you love sounds like the ultimate aspiration in regards to your career. No doubt it’s something which any human being with a basic understanding of happiness wants."

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bobrea3614d ago

No. They are very good gamers, but you're kidding yourself if you think it makes you an athlete. Poker players aren't athletes, and neither are gamers.

CameronL993614d ago

Exactly, they're a bunch of arrogant, cocky douchebags with the social intelligence of a 5 yr old, screaming and yelling throwing tantrums when they lose, and then yelling insults and crotch chopping when they win. It really is where every douchebag gamer with no social skills migrates to.

jeeves863614d ago

Crotch chopping? People still do that? ...Wow.

But I completely agree about the whole e-sports cyber-athletics thing. It's an oxymoron. You might work hard to train your reflexes to get that headshot, but try working out, breaking a sweat 7 days a week to...y'know...actually accomplish something other than wearing in your chair?

mastershredder3614d ago

What needed to be said, has already been said.

Cyber Athletes.......Bwahahahahahaha ha!