TGH: Starhawk Hands-On Preview

TGH Writes: "Warhawk was and is a unique title to many gamers. The game is a deep hole for multiplayer and an overall fun experience that players could be sucked into for hours upon end and still have more to discover. Starhawk looks to build on that experience with a larger scale and a more robust campaign experience."

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lpfisher3618d ago

Can't wait for this game

punisher993618d ago

Starhawk? What can I say? Its gonna do crazy sales numbers. Its gonna be just as addictive as Warhawk. Do you guys have any idea how well Warhawk sold?? Starhawk is gonna do Gran Turismo numbers.

DigitalRaptor3618d ago

Warhawk was incredibly underrated!!!

This game is going to be one crazy-fun, multiplayer experience. I'm glad they're adding a single-player dimension to it as well - gives more grounding to the Starhawk universe. The futuristic sci-fi western setting looks really unique and cool!

2012 can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned!

ShadyDevil3618d ago

Yeah the game is going to be real fun. Looks amazing and the Build & Battle looks unique.

BitbyDeath3618d ago

Would be nice if someone talked about what the weapons are, and how the vehicles feel, eg the Mech.