TEKKEN Hybrid Coming Exclusively To PlayStation 3 "We are very pleased to announce that we will be publishing TEKKEN Hybrid exclusively for PlayStation 3.
TEKKEN Hybrid, due for a pre-Xmas release, will feature three bone-crunching goodies on one Blu-ray Disc."

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nyobzoo3620d ago

TTT a movie and TTT2 prologue in one disc, nice

Rynx3620d ago

Hopefully they implement online to TTTHD. Or Trophies

Omar1st3620d ago

"complete with PlayStation Network trophies." It'll have trophies :)

Im too hoping for some online...

ElementX3620d ago

Wasn't this announced a while ago?

jc485733620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

I guess this is supposed to be more official than official.

Vandamme213620d ago

Tekken tag Tournament 2 should also be a PS3 exclusive so it won't end up like Tekken 6. I aint being a fanboy, I'm just being real about this.

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RAmar1013620d ago

a good bundle, hope its at a budget price

jc485733620d ago

amazon is 40 right now. retail price is 49.99.

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