ClickOnline - New Skyrim Gameplay Footage Dissected

Clickonline's Jack McGlynn takes a look at the latest high res footage from Bethesda's upcoming massive RPG.
There by Dragons...

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solidworm3617d ago

wish i could see what everyone is getting excited about but it still looks like clunky old oblivion to me.

Cpt_kitten3617d ago

that sir is the reason you have 1 bubble

elder scrolls is and always will be one of the best

MidnytRain3617d ago

I didn't see anything clunky about the gameplay.

HydroCopper3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Im excited for skyrim, oblivion and morrowind were both amazing rpgs.

I have to admit though, im a little disappointed by the videos so far. seems that for a pc gamer like myself its going to be a pretty weak console port.

Jocosta3617d ago

His avatar pretty much says it all. Only Ps3 exclusives can recieve accolades. On topic, I think the gameplay looks alot more polished, especially in 3rd person.

03213611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Um. I have a PS logo for my avatar and I completely 100% disagree with what that guy said.

OT: Skyrim is a HUGE improvement from Oblivion. Gameplay wise and visually. I have watched the gameplay trailer hundreds of times and have not noticed anything clunky about it. Oblivion was and still is an amazing game. I expect Skyrim to be the same, accept ten times better.