HI-RES Nintendo Wii Footage from German Games Conv

This is an IGN video of the Wii games shown at the German game convention.

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wakkiwakko5876d ago

Hehe. Bwii looks fricking cute!! That game fotoage pretty much sold me. Haha! I can have so much fun in that game!

bfchickenchaser5876d ago

That was some good footage. I'm excited for red steel. Mario strikers looks more fun that i would have thought. Can't wait til it comes out.

dikturbo5876d ago

Real game play footage. This thing looks like a blast. The Wii60 argument is becoming more evident all the time. Wii for my kids (and definetely dad) and a 360 for the old man. Even my 16 year old son is saving up to get a 360 at Xmas. "gears of war baby, gears of war" to quote a teenager.