EA's Representative confirms plans for Battlefield 2142's sequel

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve been waiting patiently to get our hands on Battlefield 3, but look here what we’ve found. During a chat with EA’s representative, a fan asked whether there would be a sequel to Battlefield 2142. To our surprise, the representative responded and admitted that EA has already plans for it."

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DoomeDx3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Sequal for BF2142? So it will be called: BF2142 2?

I think it means a new futuristic battlefield. not a new bf2142

BeastlyRig3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Yeah I hope it's pc only! They could make BFBC3 for consoles so everyone is happy!

It might be BF2152!


I didn't say BFBC3 should be on pc! I was just pointing out that the Bad Company series is based are the console audience..

StayStatic3620d ago

But i like bad company 2 :(

Ser3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

No, no, no...Screw PC exclusivity.

Battlefield 2142 was an amazing game that needed to be played by everyone. I spent over 500 hours playing that game's amazingly creative multiplayer modes. (Titan Mode was AMAZING!)

Bring it to PC AND consoles, then everyone can be happy.

Also, since BF3 isn't PC exclusive, I highly doubt any other iteration in the franchise will remain PC exclusive. The numbered BF titles are the biggest ones in the series after all.

BlackTar1873620d ago


My favorite FPS of all time don't mess it up ;)

please make it PC only unless they can amnage to make it 100% pc like on ps3.

ShoryukenII3620d ago

If they're going to make a small version like 1943, they should make it an expansion to Battlefield 3.

ATiElite3620d ago

Battlefield 3142 sounds about right!

Nice jumbo expansion Pak to BF3 around October 2012!! Just in time to go up against Call of Duty Space Ops!

Battlefield Since 1942!

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chak_3620d ago

I don't like futuristic wars :/

chak_3620d ago

I don't know, unknown setting, unknown weapons, unknown landscapes. I don't feel good in futuristic war game? I do like so mass effect background, or some sci fi book, but I didn't like much 2142.

Personnal taste there :)

Brownghost3620d ago

I'm tired of modern shooters I want something new

DoomeDx3619d ago

Dont worry, it wont be like Halo with lasers and such.

A machine gun is a machine gun,
a tank is a tank. :)

Fishy Fingers3620d ago

If it has Titan mode you can count me in.

Tigerfist3620d ago

That could be cool. I just hope they get it to work properly this time. BF2142 was a good game with lots of bugs and server problems.

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The story is too old to be commented.