Evolution Of Video Game Graphics Over The Last 50 Years

GamesAktuell: "Since the early days of video games, graphics were one of the driving forces for technical innovations. Back then, photo-realistic visuals were just a pipe dream for many programmers. Today, we are just a few steps away from reaching that dream, but it has been a long way. See this gallery for an overview of video game graphics from the early days till today. Enjoy!"

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Inside_out2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

It seems the gaming industry is obsessed nowadays with Cut scenes, mo-cap and post processing effects. I don't care about any of those things...sure they help, but I would prefer better game play and a story told through creative game play ideas.

Half-life,Bioshock 1, Prince of Persia,and Resident Evil 4 among others were master pieces in this respect. It's all about balance...lately, it's all about cut-scenes...O_o

zerocrossing2826d ago

I agree on all your points, I can't believe someone disagreed with you. Just goes to show what gamers have become :/

jacksheen00002826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I totally agree with you...but the reason I think game developers don't make anything different in play mechanics,genre, creativity, anything fresh or new; simply because of fear of not getting back the money that was put in to make the game. That said, they rather copy a game genre/concept from another game developer that released a game that has been doing successful on the market;they will most likely make a clone.This, of course,has been going on for years; and so if one game developer make something good every other game developer will follow the same path. Sucks huh??

2826d ago
RevXM2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I feel like this one is more about showing games from each year than the ones with best visuals trough these decades.

Where is DOOM/Wolfenstein and Unreal?
What is GTA 4 doing on here? MGS4 fits better.
And more than half the games here werent the best looking in their year and some not even really good looking. BTW no mario 64? wasnt it über looking when it came out?
2006 - Gears of war?

2009 - Uncharted 2?

Heavy rain is really good, but I think Metro 2033 deserves that spot.

And I got no reason to believe that Crysis 2 should be on 2011... BF3, Uncharted 3, Rage and Gears 3... nuff said.
Honestly think it will be BF3.
GTA 3, Crysis, Far cry and Tennis for two... something right atleast.

My opinion.

BlmThug2826d ago

Gaming Has Not Even Been Around For 50 ears :/

mamotte2826d ago

I want the times were I had to use mi imagination back :(. Everything looks so realistic, is so damn boring.

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