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On this weeks show: Battlefield 3′s leaked Alpha, Skyrim, Starwars and Pornstars.

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Urmomlol3610d ago

Three relevant topics and these guys decided to lead with pornstars.

Piss off, Gamersheep, your website sucks.

Inside_out3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I'm sure your mother thinks your handsome and all but DAMN!!! Don't show a pic like that and then blast us with that ugly mug...o_0 that I've recovered...Gamersheep is NOT the best title for a new show. :/

T-K47x3610d ago

Arsehole of the year award goes to....
Seriously whats your problem somebody called you ugly today and you decide to take it out on a random person?
It is funny how you clicked on the link expecting some new pornstar names to add to your pathetic collection.

Kurt Russell3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

That's why I clicked it, pornstars>pixels

Simco8763610d ago

misleading headline just to get hits, its smart...but your a douche bag.

CNXN3610d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.