Metal Sonic And Tails To Appear In Sonic Generations -StickTwiddlers

SEGA have confirmed that both Tails and Metal Sonic will appear in the up and coming blue hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary game, Sonic Generations.

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fatstarr3620d ago

smells fishy, on the road to effing it up or sticking with originals? metal sonic was cool in the movie.

WhiteLightning3620d ago

Is it me or does Metal Sonic look kind of short

Looks more like Midget Metal Sonic

RockmanII73620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Metal Sonic is a classic villain, so he will be based on classic Sonic who is also short.

Quagmire3620d ago

Does that mean that we can play as Neo Metal Sonic alongside Classic Metal Sonic?

zerocrossing3620d ago

Purple metal Sonic from Sonic & Knuckles was best imo, He can even go Super!

Neko_Mega3620d ago

This Metal Sonic could to, well going by the Comic book.

zerocrossing3620d ago

Oh I didn't know that, Well tbh I just never really liked the blue metal sonic design compared to the Purple one lol.

Neko_Mega3620d ago

Plus in Sonic Heros, he was like a Super Metal Sonic.

Neko_Mega3620d ago

Cool, so they might be adding the Sonic CD stage.

RockmanII73620d ago

From the screens released it looks like they are just adding elements from Stardust Speedway into the Chemical plant stage.