Average XBLA Title Now 50% More Expensive

Prices ‘slowly rising’, says Microsoft. The reality: a great deal more shocking…

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jimmins3614d ago

Aye. But the games have got better and many have far higher budgets since 2006. Back then it was all MAME ROMS of Rootbeer Tapper and Frogger, now it's the likes of ComicJumper and Limbo and so on.

I personally would expect these to cost more.

Solidus187-SCMilk3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

I agree that alot of them have gotten better. I remember buying the double dragon port on the arcade back in the day for $5 and it was complete garbage. that was a rip off compared to the 15$ games Ive bought.

Also there are alot more sales and price drops going on now so you can still get a great deal on them if you wait till they go on sale.

I have no problems paying 10-15 for some of the game I think are worth it. Like shadow complex, dead nation and recently bastion.

I just finished bastion one time and I must have played it for more than 10 hours to complete it. I will play it again on new game +. For 15 that was a great value to me.

I am more willing to pay $15 for a high quality original DL game, then to pay $10 or $5 for a port of some old game. I really like supporting these small devs that create an original DL game as opposed to companies who just port some old game for a quick buck.

Im glad that we got high quality $15 arcade games, IMO alot of them offer a better value than many $60 games. You may notice taht most of the good DL games nowadays are Original new games as opposed to crappy overpriced ports like they were a few years ago.

edit- anyone complaining about $15 games is too cheap for this hobby. Sorry but the quality of these game has increased dramatically. Content of disk games has not. Like I mention above, DL games used to be ports of NES and crap old games for 5/10$, but now people complain about original HQ digital games that cost $5 more? LOL, sorry but anyone who knows squat about videogames can tell you that the $15 games are usually the best and most original, not just some old port or cheap game.

Ill pay 15/10 for awesome original games like bastion, dead nation, and shadow complex all day over the crap ass ports that they release for 10$ or $5, like sonic adventure, double dragon, or the turtles in time game that they made worse than my SNES version.

If your too cheap to support small devs making amazing $15 GAMES then shut up and pay 5 for crappy NES ports and $60 for the next modern war FPS.

The Meerkat3614d ago

Many are arguably of 50% better quality.

And Trails Evolution will be so good i'd pay full shop price for it.

GameScrub3614d ago

Another trials fan I see. This is the best game on xbla by far. =D

theonlylolking3614d ago

Section 8:Prejudice is the best arcade game on XBL then it is plants vs zombies.

Raven_Nomad3614d ago

The newer XBL titles are by far a lot better then previous titles. They are getting more complex, better graphics, ideas and definitely more content. I'm okay with paying $15 for games like Bastion, which is an amazing game that you cant buy anywhere else. I look at arcade titles almost like a "budget" title game. You get so much content it's well worth it.

When you consider you can pay $60 for some games that aren't as fun or even last as long as a game like Bastion you'll see what I mean.

Right now all the innovation is on the arcade front.

GameScrub3614d ago

I love Bastion, had to finish it twice this week because it was way too addicting. Musket + Trapper FTW!

fooxy3614d ago

$15 not that bad ! 2 bad Microsoft is a fucking pain in the ass company when it comes to greed, if they just took a look @ steam for a while prices, sales and bundles there you can get are simply amazing.

xPhearR3dx3614d ago

It's not just MS. Lots of these XBLA titles are also on PSN for the same price. Steam will always have great sales, PSN and XBL will never compare.

bozebo3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

The launch/standard prices on Steam are also usually a low lower.

fluffydelusions3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

I agree but if the games are selling well why lower prices and lose money. Same with Xbl. People buy it despite free alternatives.

Gamemakerman3614d ago

The quality and content of these games are also far superior to what was offered in the past (With some exceptions). Having played Bastion and From Dust, it's clear that these are great games with fresh gameplay ideas and styles.

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