Crytek: multi-platform games must be at "same level across the board"

OXM UK: Multiplatform developers can't take full advantage of more powerful hardware, Crytek UK's programmer Peter Hall has claimed, as they need to "aim at the same sort of level across the board".

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dirigiblebill3611d ago

I'd love to play a game where you could scale the AI right up and down in a more sophisticated way than just "hard mode = 50% extra health". Killzone 2 managed it in places, I believe - the Helghast are a lot more grenade-happy on higher difficulty settings.

dangert123611d ago

not just killzone dude but i know what you mean

zootang3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

I don't understand why multi-platform games must be the same across the board??? Why could they not utilize the Blu Ray not just for PS3 but PC as well? That's 25gb of data space they could have utilized.

dangert123611d ago

@zootang I'd love to know myself, because the xbox 360 is less capable. the ps3 should be limited? we did pay extra anyway this hole article is a dude. because crysis 2 was just as good on pc as it was on console right ^_^ oh wait... =/

Substance1013611d ago


Its ok i dont feel the need to buy your games either :) If Crysis 2 sales were any indication for them should have learned a lesson.

Crysis 2 turned out to be a COD clone with nano suit. Sorry Crytec but people who want to play COD will buy COD and your sales numbers proved just that. No one plays Crysis 2 anymore. The people who bought Crysis 2 were thinking they will get PC like graphics on console it didnt happen. Next time around if they decide to milk this franchise further the sales will be even lower.

maniacmayhem3604d ago

@zootang and danger

the Blu-ray is an optical media used for just storage.

It really comes down to ram/memory which the ps3 and 360 dont have enough of.

dangert123604d ago


I understand that but its still not equal like the dev says I'm not asking for equal the push the pc why can they not push the ps3 and the xbox section 8 predjudice is showing how well a game can do if put on later but if you look after your community as that game has blown up on ps3 since its release last week

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TheIneffableBob3611d ago

SiN: Episodes.

Dynamic AI that scales up and down, modifying how enemies react, how much health they have, and their equipment, depending on how you're performing in the game.

NanoSoldier3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Hmm, on consoles it is very good thinking. But why don't they use more power of a PC for example. I have no problem with this as a console owner. They paid for better hardware, so why not give it back!?

@ Rush, totally agree. Only here on N4G the PS3 is more powerful than X360. They always make me laugh when they talk about the far superior graphics. But they don't know anything what's going on in the real world.

Takoulya3605d ago

I agree with all of your statement. The difference in POWER between the 360 and PS3 is negligible. I'm a PC/PS3 gamer, and I prefer the PS3 over the 360 a bit, simply because of the free online and the wider variety of games, but I have to say that PC gaming's where it's truly at.

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CaptainMarvelQ83611d ago

What if the board can't get across?

Burning_Finger3611d ago

Hypocrite much.

We all know that they preferred the Xbox360.

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