Kinect "both a help and a hindrance" - Frontier's Braben

Players won’t embrace change, which hinders an otherwise helpful new control interface for gaming. That’s what Frontier founder David Braben thinks about Kinect...

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gamingdroid3620d ago

Select quotes I think was pretty good from the article:

"Oh, we don’t want something new’ – and it’s really funny, the controller had the same response with the purists saying ‘I want keyboard and mouse’."

“Kinect is entirely additive – nothing has gone away. People seem to be talking as if something has,”

“You can still use the controller, you can use them in concert, but then you have a lot of games where it makes sense to use the Kinect au naturel.”

lzim3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

'you are the controller' is not a marketing line for an additive interface. and again, these things are irrelevant without games that actually DO use kinect in an intuitive manner, one that doesn't have you dropping the controller to do a gesture or leaving it out of the experience entirely.

OC_MurphysLaw3620d ago

totally agree... some good take away comments from that short interview.

FlashXIII3620d ago

I don't think it's a case of players not wanting to embrace change.. it's more of a case that they so far have very little reason to embrace it. Currently the best game out for it at the moment is probably the dancing game.. as a male I have very little interest in dancing games.

The whole doing away with the controller is in my opinion it's biggest weakness in gamers eyes. Gamers want to feel immersed in their games and experiences simply put for many gamers, feeling connected with their onscreen character means being able to control it's movements using a controller and without that, a lot of the immersion is lost.

DigitalRaptor3620d ago

Very, very well said.

If they can get you to feel as connected as you are when using a controller, in an intuitive manner, then great. But I don't see it happening for many years, so why would I want to embrace what will be mediocre for years until something I feel is great comes along (or doesn't). By that time, I guess the next technological fad will come along and make gesture control in games look irrelevant.

Cpt_kitten3620d ago

its true though the only people who seem to complain about it are people who refuse to try it, and yeah its silly games aimed toward small children and there parents aside kinect it fun, i doubted it at first but then i tried dace central and kinect sports and had a blast

kinect it a lot of fun and yeah you do have to be prepared to look like a fool but isnt that part of the fun with friends

even move as its stupid kids games like eye pet and kung fu rider.....but like it said its aimed toward the bigger audience so take it or leave it and don't complain

and gotta love the "eye toy rip off" people who don't seem to realize that kinect has 3 different types of cameras and reads the room as a 3d environment the eye toy on ps2 or ps3, not to mention the eye toy never scanned the entire room from top to bottom

fanboys aside the kinect, move and wii are all fun but are not aimed toward the "core" gamers

Machioto3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

People were calling it a rip off because conceptually it was the same as kinect,I will reference somethings that shows their similarities , gfh 2010 interview richard marks , ps eye mesmerise the debugged video of that kung fu game,they can use voice recognition,ps vr is the video you want to look for,ant grav is a eye toy game that’s similar to sonic free ride , eye toy kinetic is fitness game,eyedentify was kinda like milo & kate ,that’s all I could think of.

fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf3620d ago

If someone came into my room and gave me a free kinect then I obviously wouldn't complain, I'd probably use it on occasion and things would be fine. The problem is they're not free, they're quite expensive and right now there's nothing I can do with it that makes me interested in the slightest. Why is that so hard for developers to understand?

asyouburn3620d ago

Yeah, it is expensive. I was one of those kids who wasted my parents money on the Activator back in the day. Won't make that mistake again!