This is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the PlayStation Phone

Starting today, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the Xperia Play (also known as the PlayStation Phone) is available all over the world except the United States. There is also a trailer for this game.

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Tony-Red-Grave2829d ago

are they still calling it the PS phone when its got a name?

ShoryukenII2829d ago

Looks like Battlefield Play4free. I bet it has no destruction. Oh well. It is a phone.

2829d ago
xYLeinen2829d ago

Give Android some love as well.

Waddy1012829d ago

I don't quite get your comment. Are you saying it should be on android? cause the Xperia Play is an android phone.

xYLeinen2829d ago

It's exclusive to a phone therefor it doesn't matter if it's android, apple or w/e.

Also the first title from DICE came on Apple Store for Iphone but we have yet to see it on Android.

Motorola2829d ago

I think it looks like crap but whatever. Why didnt they just make it for the Vita?

Emilio_Estevez2829d ago

becasue bf3 will be out by then

Waddy1012829d ago

Because Sony paid them to create it for the Xperia play.

Waddy1012829d ago

I'm going to download this later and give a try, should be a bit of fun.

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