Notch has “stopped paying attention to how much groceries cost”

PC Gamer chat to Notch about Swedish shame, bank managers and how the enormous success of Minecraft has changed his life. Notch reveals that he's stopped paying attention to the price of groceries, will the same attitude apply to cars and even houses as Minecraft continues to sell?

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Yi-Long2642d ago

... when it comes to rich people not being able to relate to the problems that poor people are having these days.

You have politicians saying poor people can settle with a little less wellfare while they don't know how much rent is these days, or every day groceries like milk, bread, veggies, etc etc...

jeeves862641d ago

When people stop paying attention to how much stuff like that costs, it's when companies can really start ripping you off. And when they do, they don't just rip off the rich, they rip off the poor too.

Kran2642d ago

Yeah. I dont either.

However, my mum gives me £20 a week to spend on treats. So if I wanted to, I could buy £10 worth of food treats (like cakes, sweets etc) and spend the other £10 on a DVD or something ;) Shes nice!

kramun2642d ago

Well, that was really interesting Kran. Thanks for telling us about your pocket money.

Kran2641d ago

Oh it wasnt pocket money. It was just "whatever money"

And you're welcome, even though you were being sarcastic ;)

jeeves862641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

It is nice that you still get an allowance. You don't pay attention to how much groceries cost because you

a) still live at home
b) someone provides them for you free of charge.

V0LT2641d ago

He is the one hit wonder of video games.......

Motorola2641d ago

Wait until he releases another game, then you can say that regardless of how the other game does.