Digital Foundry - Demo Analysis: Halo Anniversary

Digital Foundry: "The recent release of new Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary footage allows us to get our first good look at how the game really looks and performs, and puts into focus just how much of a good job Saber and 343 Industries have done in visually revitalising the title that many see as the coming of age of first person shooters on console."

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wwm0nkey2830d ago

Hopefully they fixed the frame rate. What we saw was the E3 build so I think we are good.

Oh also if you guys didnt hear yet, besides the soundtrack, ALL sounds are being remastered in 5.1, what you hear here is only place holder.

Thrillhouse2830d ago

From what I've read, the preview builds have been far surpassed.

wwm0nkey2830d ago

Yep, they have fixed a lot of things from what Frankie has said.

Inside_out2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

The ability to switch back and forth from the original build to the new build is a stroke of genius and you can bet that many people who played the original will use that feature regularly.

Halo is ALWAYS a day one buy around here. It's nice to see they put a lot of effort into this. A bargain at $39.99. :)

I'm sure the pixel counters will complain, but they don't have to buy it and, better yet...they can't. :o

Raven_Nomad2830d ago

See now this is a "remake" that is worth the price. Give us something worth the price. So many remakes aren't even really remade, but "remastered".

Plus we get online multiplayer as well. Cant beat it! From the video's I've seen the game looks current gen, which is a fantastic feat! Switching back to what the game looked like 10 years ago was pure genius as well. Cant wait, already pre ordered this.

DigitalRaptor2830d ago

Have you noticed no-one calls them remakes, apart from the ignorant ones?

God of War Collection, Beyond Good & Evil HD, Resident Evil 4 HD, Sly Collection - not claimed as remakes, but remasters. "Remastered in High Definition"

Pretty much all of them provide great value to the consumer from what they offer. 3 remastered games for $40 not worth the price?

Gimme some of that crack you've been at!

Average_Joe2830d ago

All the games you listed I can pick up in their original form and pay less then $40. Since the original PS3's all upconverted to HD anyway, why pay for something you get for free?

DigitalRaptor2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

You can pick those games up for PS2 for cheaper... in Standard definition.

You can have the original PS3s upscale the game to 'HD'... if you have an original PS3 and don't mind how shitty it looks on an HD display.

And how do you get them for free? I'd seriously like to know that. :p

With lots of these classics, many people haven't experienced them already. And in an HD generation, it could be the perfect way to be introduced to God of War, Sly Cooper, Metal Gear Solid or Resident Evil in native 720p with remastered assets and some bonus material.

And after all, it's a consumer choice. However you look at it, these HD collections offer great value.

esemce2830d ago Show
Shaman2830d ago

Looks very nice.Would say that it even eclipses what Bungie has done with Reach in terms of look.Its no wonder,there are some wonderful talents working at 343i.Ex lead artist for Killzone,than 3 Metroid Prime lead designers are the ones that joined 343 just before e3.

Fishy Fingers2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

It clearly isn't visually on par with Reach let alone "eclipses".

Let's not get carried away with the 343 props quite yet, they're dressing up a bungie game with more than likely bungie tech.

wwm0nkey2830d ago

Actually no, what you are seeing is Saber's graphic engine over the Reach engine, that has been confirmed on NeoGAF by members of 3343i. This is another 343i commissioned project. Halo 4 will be their first game :)

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