Burnout CRASH! more Burnout than other Burnouts

Responding to the slight backlash some fans have had towards top-down downloadable game Burnout CRASH!, Criterion's Richard Franke explained that Burnout CRASH! is "more Burnout than other Burnout titles", and doesn't believe the game could hurt the brand.

Asked by if CRASH! could hurt the future of the brand if it went down badly with fans, Franke replied: "Well, no. We are Burnout. Criterion. We love Burnout. We decide what Burnout is, nobody else does."

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waltyftm2829d ago

I dont even dare show my Fiancee this pile of crap, she is a massive Burnout fan and i fear she will hurt me in ways i cant describe.

Quagmire2828d ago

Show her Split/Second instead. That game is tits.

STK0262829d ago

So, I wonder, why is it so hard for them to make a new Burnout Revenge?

Burnout 1 and 2 were rather boring (to me), the 3rd was great, Revenge was better, and then it all went downhill (again, to me). Dominator was a throwback and Paradise, while fun, did not have the Traffic attack mode, which I loved in Revenge.

And now, Burnout Crash, looks like a cheap game to keep the brand alive. Although I'll play before judging it.

And, as far as them being the ones to decide what their brand is, it's true, but it also applies to every developers, and yes, sometimes they do make mistakes and hurt their brands...

BlmThug2829d ago

And They Are Releasing This Pile Of Steaming Crap On Xbox 360 & PS3 For £40 ?!

Kurisu2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

No! Its a smaller, downloadable game that will be available through PSN and XBLA. I dont think a price has been announced yet, but I doubt it will be anymore than £10.

Rivitur2828d ago

Now if this was on my phone I would consider buying it but for it to be on console and to look like that I've said it before but I'd rather buy a Home Depot Carpet.