GamerPops: Cars 2 The Video Game Review

Cars 2, instead of being a movie story game, takes the world of the movie and applies it to the racing genre. Actually, “racing” might be a bit too narrow here, since Cars 2 features elements of not only kart-style racing, but also arcade-style racing and vehicular combat. It turns what could have been a one-trick pony into a more satisfying and varied experience.

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Kran3610d ago

R-... Really?

I hear this game got fair reviews (better than most movie to video games)

GamerPops3610d ago

Yeah, its an excellent kart racer, and a terrific family game. Avalanche Software have nailed the last two Pixar games.

Kat3883609d ago

The game is a solid video game. My kids like it. Could it be better? Of course, but for a movie video game it does a good job of entertaining.