Microsoft confirms the Xbox 360 Family Timer

Microsoft has issued an official press release that confirms the existence of the new parental control feature, the Xbox 360 Family Timer.

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sfinXters4050d ago

They should also add that headsets can only be used by people over 18.

okcomputer4050d ago

Great idea, that'd be the best add on to live ever.

WilliamRLBaker4050d ago

Look at me! duh I obviously dont know a damn thing about 360, because if i did i'd know the parental controls allow you to set child profiles to have no voice chat online! DUH

predator4050d ago

i dont think how much of an impact this could have IF mum and dad get wind off it or if ms use this in there advertisement, a good idea to intise parents in buying this console

Syko4050d ago

I hope it gives you ample time to save your game or there will be a ton of pissed off kids. Imagine being in an RPG and trying to race the timer to be able to save your game. That would suck.

Oh well I guess parents that would use this wouldn't know how to properly use this feature anyway. When my son starts playing Video games and is playing to much, a couple of warnings and/or a smack in the back of the head will be just as effective as any timer.

Bladestar4050d ago

This are features that every console should have.. not only the xbox 360... though I would hate these features when I was a kid... now as a parent myself who have a job and is not able to monitor my kids 24/7... these features become law... I don't need to ask my kid to play only 1 hour a day starting at 4 PM.... I can enforce it... I don't have to tell them.. not to play my Gears of war title.. I can enforce it...

"They should also add that headsets can only be used by people over 18." actually there is a feature that controls who uses the voice chat to control who kids talk to online...

ip-student4050d ago

But they are waiting until there are enough games to make it necessary :-)

Seriously, this should be a required feature and Sony will probably add it down the road - that Home thing could be incredibly addictive.

Arkham4050d ago

Kudos to MS for this tool!

Simply brilliant, and brilliantly simple.

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