Star Wars: The Old Republic to last "for decades" -- BioWare

BioWare's goals for its soon-to-launch Star Wars: The Old Republic are anything if not ambitious; the game will last players "decades," the studio is optimistically declared.

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Saryk2829d ago

It should be and should be 100% ready at launch. They have had enough time to get it right. But would rather it right than wrong!

BeastlyRig2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

This is great! I love long term love support! If it were on console we would announce part 2 next year..

Drekken2829d ago

He was talking about development!

JsonHenry2829d ago

Any game could last decades with monthly fees that support constant content/graphical updates.

Stealth2k2829d ago

if its up that long. With costs in excess of 100 million it could potentially be the biggest flop in history

STK0262829d ago

Maybe 10 years, unlikely to be more than that.

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