Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-Orders Limited To Ensure 'Exceptional' Launch - EA

EA has told NowGamer why Star Wars: TOR Origin pre-orders aren't guaranteed

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Neckbear2824d ago

More like to charge more on top of the game's price because they can.

Perjoss2824d ago

I don't like to call anyone a liar, but there might be many people with the attitude of 'I'll wait for the reviews'. But if they start to believe that the game might be in limited supply they might start thinking 'what if the reviews are good and its sold out'...

If the public believes something might be harder to obtain later on they are more likely to grab the product in advance.

solar2824d ago

o.O well this is a new one.

V0LT2824d ago

This game is over hyped so bad.....

Blasphemy2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I agree it is not that good. Just a single player game with some added multilayer options which are pretty weak to be honest.

This game brings nothing new to the table except voice acting with linear worlds, most will be disappointed in the game.

Bolts2824d ago

It's the most expensive MMO ever. What can go wrong??

DeadlyFire2823d ago

Not enough servers = fatal crash. I believe EA is scared of not being prepped for a massive wave of people. They might not be certain on releasing it this year just yet as well.