PS3 CHART: Call of Juarez beats Black Ops

CVG: While Call of Juarez isn't able to topple Zumba Fitness on the UK All Formats chart, it manages to echo its performance on Xbox 360 and reach No.1 on the UK PS3 sales chart.

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PhoenixDevil3619d ago

Shows what advertising will do, here in the UK we don't get all that many game adverts but I have noticed quite a few of this game, shame the reviews weren't all that great

NanoSoldier3619d ago

correction: shame the GAME isn't all that great

PhoenixDevil3619d ago

Very true from everyone I've heard as well as the reviews ;) I wont be picking it up

Inside_out3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

A little behind the times it seems in the UK...O_o

Why don't these guys release numbers???

What the dehydrated brain cells is a Zumba fitness and why has it been number ONE, 3 weeks running. :/

AhmadCentral3619d ago

Black Ops is really the only game uk 'teen' gamers buy. Trust me, all my friends just play black ops. I don't get why uk teens don't play any other game. Thats why its been in the top 10 since its release.

Zumba is like a dance/fitness game that was released for Wii, Move and Kinect. The casual market here have eaten it up and believe its a great game that will actually make you fit blah blah blah.

Lazy_Sunday3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

This title is a bit misleading. But I digress...
Black Ops has finally been toppled in the small UK. Not worldwide. Just in the UK. Black Ops, which has been at the top of the charts almost since it's release in the UK. Maybe you could stop and think that maybe almost everyone who wanted Black Ops in the UK already has it?
But technically, no, it doesn't. Even I have to admit Black Ops was better than Call of Juarez. And even then, Black Ops sold better, and will have sold better. Maybe it beat Call of Duty by coming out in July instead of November. Good for them.

GSpartan7773619d ago

This really needs to stop. It's getting embarrassing and old. By now the majority already have Black Ops and the game has has been out for nearly a year, yet it's still ranked two in the UK for July and top 10 in the US? That's nothing more but impressive.

zerox5053617d ago

i'm pretty sure people who bought call of juarez thought it was a cod game, my friend thought it was one and bought it *facepalm* i swear to god this guy is an idiot, trust me, he says the most stupidest things you ever hear like "sales > quality" and "if everyones goina buy it then i sure am" and then once he buys the game he's then like "OMG THIS GAME SUCKS WHY DO I BUY THESE SERIES EVERY FREAKING YEAR!?!?!?"

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