Wii U power has Valve interested

Wii U could be the first Nintendo console to finally receive a game from renowned PC developer and Portal 2/Half-Life creators, Valve

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ZoidsRaven2830d ago

I would like to see what they could do with it's tech. 7_7

dangert122830d ago

Really valve? your not even push envelopes on the pc

Calm Down Sunshine2830d ago

In terms of graphics.. Perhaps not..

But everything else they're doing exceptionally well.

Saladfax2830d ago

Not currently, but Half Life 2 blew pretty much everything out of the water, and while it doesn't have everything bursting with fidelity, the source engine still holds up pretty darn well.

Muletroid2830d ago

do you guys think they will ever make an actually GOOD version of team fortress 2 for consoles?

i would buy that day 1 if they did

Perjoss2830d ago

i saw a comment recently where some guy was saying how much he would love an arcade re-release of TF2, you know like the HD remakes we see these days. Obviously TF2 doesn't really need a graphics overhaul, but how about a version with all patches and DLC. Vavle could even make some cash selling us hats like on PC.

Muletroid2830d ago

how do some of you disagree with what i said? don't tell me some people out there actually LIKE TF2 on ps3/360?

have any of you played team fortress 2 on consoles?
its a terrible joke and i actually do hope 1 day they make an actual GOOD console version of TF2

charmer2830d ago

nintendo is doing the wiiu just right...they dont need it to be extremely costly and powerful...50 per cent more powerful then the ps3 is just bring on all the first party games and great 3rd party support and that controller

user83971442830d ago

By the time wii u comes out the PS4 and the next xbox will be announced and they will be more powerful. Then it will be like this gen again for wii u.

Fishy Fingers2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I think the Wii has shown that 'powerrrr!' is not the main selling factor of consoles these days (for many). With an early foot in the door, and graphics the majority will deem "good enough" I dont think the WiiU has anything to fear from the PS4/720.

mcstorm2830d ago

Fishy Fingers I agree with you look at the last few ges for example. PS1, PS2, Wii all had less power than the other consoles and they also sold alot more then the powerful consoles. Power is not that important as such in games If it was then they games that look the best this gen would sell alot more then others. KZ2/3 UC2 2 of the best looking games this gen but Halo 3 All of the COD games since MW came out have out soled them all put together.

Graphics in a game make you go that looks nice but its the game play that makes you go wow that was amazing.

But I also dont see the next xbox and Playstation being a big jump in power like there was this gen as the processors are good enough in the consoles to give us good looking games its been the memory that has been holding them back. I see the next consoles having a update processor in them but not over the top and having alot more memory in them. This way we will have good looking games like on the PC but also keeps the cost of the consoles down and the cost of making games down too for developers as they have been hit very hard this gen.

frostypants2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

You have to consider that the Wii's huge success was due to its appeal to casuals/non-gamers, due to the easy marketing hook that its motion controls offered. THAT'S why such a relatively underpowered system sold well. Much of the Wii's success had more in common with the "Tickle Me Elmo" and "Furby" than it did with other consoles, in that its hype resonated with the entire consumer public and went FAR beyond just gamers.

The WiiU doesn't have that same hook that is easy to communicate to non-traditional gamers. In the minds of most of them, their Wii is still "new" and they won't see a compelling reason to buy a WiiU. As you say, they don't CARE about "power"...which is a big reason why the WiiU will struggle. The vast majority of the Wii base won't care about it. The PS Vita-like controller won't mean anything to those people.

The core gamers that WOULD be interested in the WiiU are for the most part going to be turned off by Nintendo's meek short-arming on the horsepower front, like a wide receiver letting a pass go by because he's afraid of being plastered by the safeties (in this case, Microsoft and Sony). Nintendo is missing a massive opportunity here. It's almost like they're afraid to go toe-to-toe with MS/Sony in the core-gamer market. But they have to, because again, the casual market won't be there for them this least, not like it was before.

I don't think it's too late. Nintendo COULD grow a pair, put on their big-boy pants, and drop some legit next-gen hardware in this thing. Let's hope.

Pedobear Rocks2830d ago

And you believe to to be this powerful based on what? And then in the same breath you say it doesn't need to be costly?

The Wii U is a giant'll get a bunch of HD DS ports and you'll like it.

Seferoth752830d ago

And you believe this why? You obviously understand very little if you think Wii u will need to be expensive to be more powerful than tech from 2003.

I am sure after that comment you'll also be in the Vita pages telling everyone their just getting ports of PS3 games and trying to convince them it is some how wrong though right?

Oh no just another bias hater who changes their opinion based on company name

frostypants2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Why would I shell out big bucks for a system that's only 50% more powerful than the PS3 at best (on reality, probably much less than that) when I could just buy a PSV for my PS3 and get all the same functionality?

Then the PS4 and 720 will come out.

Sorry, Nintendo is screwing themselves here. Their timing is off and they've misread the market. The casuals are fine with their Wiis and most core gamers aren't going to be satisfied with the WiiU's underwhelming hardware.

frostypants2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

@disagree: Disagree now, but I'm right. Watch and learn, young padawan. It's funny: the Nintendo fanboys and astroturfers love to proclaim "power doesn't matter!" out of one side of their mouth, but then pontificate on how the WiiU is "50% more powerful than the PS3" out of the other. I don't get you all think it matters, or not? You seem to want it both ways.

If power matters, then a 50% bump is going to be underwhelming in terms of next-gen systems, much like the Wii's power boost over the Gamecube left much to be desired. And, in my opinion, power DOES matter, because as I've explained repeatedly, the casual market won't carry the WiiU the same way it carried the Wii.

In summary: power matters, obviously...which is why the main talking point surrounding the WiiU is its processing power. The problem is, it's not going to be enough to contend with the competition. It's not competing with the PS3 and's competing with the PS4 and 720.

I'd love to read a rational response to this, because I've yet to see one despite holding this opinion for months now.

Seferoth752829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

You havent posted anything to respond rationally to.. In one paragraph you say Nintendo fanboys are bragging about a huge jump in power yet they claim power doesnt matter.yet then you say its nota huge jump in power. Showing exactly why they make those statements. Many devs have said its more powerful than current gen consoles yet "experts" like you already know its inferior to console that havent even been announced yet simply because you need a reason to hate
The power comments are for haters like you who know nothing about the power of the Wii u or PS4 nextbox for that matter yet you come on her acting as if you know it all..

You also present no proof as to why power matters. PC is the most powerful platform, not PS3 or 360 so obviously if power matters so much to you, you must be a PC gamer? No just a console gamer who uses his lack of knowledge as a platform to attack from..

If Power matters why is the least powerful console winning this generation?

Why did the least powerful console win the last 3 console generations?

Why is SMG2 the highest rated exclusive this gen by paid reviewers if power matters so much?

You just state your own opinion as fact with nothing to back it up.. Why would anyone bother responding to you?

Oh FYI you cant click a button and have your PS3 game go instantly to Vita. Nothing on that has even been announced.

You seem to be desperate to discredit Nintendo any way you can even if you have to make it up to do so..

People like you are pathetic. You are not a gamer. Just a brand follower speaking out of ignorance and pulling things out of thin air to fit your cause.

D0ffy2829d ago


You sure set him straight. But it was necessary. Bashers like him need to be set straight once in a while, and I'm glad you did. This god damn system wars is getting old and I know this sounds really hippie-like but "can't we all get along?"

I mean that though, can't we just embrace gaming and stop bashing everything? Sure we all have a favorite companies, but that's not a reason to hate all the other companies, is it?

Droid Control2830d ago

The Wii U is destined for failure with the hardcore.

When PS4/720 is announced at new years E3 - Wii U becomes a Wii again.

digitaledge2830d ago

If the WiiU becomes a Wii again, then surely it's destined to be the biggest seller of that generation, no? :P

Motorola2830d ago

Well yeah it will sell, but then it won't have that many games that make up a majority of game sales - shooters. But that's ONLY if it becomes the Wii again. Things might change. PC gaming is getting more recognition than back in 05 - 07, so the Wii U might lose some sales there.

jacen1002828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

fanfag FAIL comment Droid

Apotheosize2830d ago

Well of course, Valve makes multiplatform games, obviously theyd bring their future games to it

Hazmat132830d ago

if i want a wii u i'll just steal one. lol

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