An Helicopter Edition for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon leaks on italian stores

Last week Namco Bandai revealed a Limited Edition for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, but it seems that it won't be the only special edition of the game. Although not yet officially announced, an "Helicopter Edition" began apperaring on online italian stores containing, bundled with the game, a 25 centimeters remote-controlled Black Hawk helicopter, a pen and a keychain, at the price of 189.90 Euros. Here are details and pictures of the edition contents.

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RioKing2824d ago

"An Helicopter Edition"

Are you serious??

jeeves862824d ago

You can use "an" in front of a word that starts with a consonant if that consonant is silent or not vocalized. Example: an historic event. Since the H is vocalized in the word "helicopter" in most dialects, generally the n is dropped. Since this seems like an English article (euros) odds are that where they're from, it's normal. So yeah, they're serious.

But seriously, I like collector's editions with cool stuff, but sometimes you have to wonder how much is enough.

RioKing2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Whoah you lost me there, haha. After I first commented, I clicked on the link and there it says:

"This page has been machine-translated from italian."

Guess that about answers my question...

Edit: And yes, they're going alittle too far with this one imo.

fossilfern2824d ago

An Helicopter? Is it not A Helicopter Edition?

liquidhalos2823d ago

i dunno hey, i love those indoor helicopters, i wouldnt mind another one to bugger around with when im waiting for my turn to play